We are cancer nurses who hate Melanoma. Too many of us have cared for patients with Metastatic Melanoma.  We know that prevention and awareness are the key to stopping this dreaded disease.   We hope to promote that message with this challenge.

We are Hairstylists who hate Melanoma.  We see your scalp and neck every month.  We can tell you if we notice a different or strange spot on your skin during your haircut. We can make a difference!  

We are health professionals who want to challenge hairstylists,  salons, beauty schools, hospitals and Oncology Nursing Society Chapters across the country to work together on this challenge!!!

The Beauty Business and Health Care Industry Can Work Together to Save Lives!

"Eyes on Cancer" is a wonderful non-profit started by a beauty professional and a doctor.   They developed a 20 minute online educational webinar about melanoma awareness for hairstylists and others in the beauty business (cosmetologists, estheticians).  The video includes discussion of the different types of skin cancer including many photos of the examples of skin cancer.  It educates hairstylists on what to look for on a client's scalp and neck. 

East Central Florida Oncology Nursing Society Chapter has taken this challenge on as their project.  There are 39,000 ONS nurses in the country.  Even if each ONS nurse only encourages their own hairdresser to participate, that is 39,000 more hairstylists who become educated!!  We challenge ALL ONS CHAPTERS IN THE U.S. TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CHALLENGE!!

AdventHealth of Volusia and Flagler Counties has become a "Hero Hospital" supporter of "Eyes on Cancer"s mission. 

The premise is genius and simple (It's not our idea!! It belongs to the folks at "Eyes On Cancer"!).  Who knows your scalp better than your hairstylist does?

1) Sign up and watch the video yourself.

2) Copy, Paste andPrint out the attachment ("How It Works") and bring to your hairstylist.

3) Your Hairstylist signs up for the webinar and is trained to look for possible skin lesions.  Affect change.

A grant was provided for this initiative from The Bill Walter III Melanoma Research Fund.

"Helping to Save Lives is Always in Style."~Kelli Mills