Spread The Word!

Tell your hairstylist about our challenge and to go to:  www.eyesoncancer.org and complete a 20 minute video about Melanoma Awareness and take a brief post-test.

The video shows many examples of what a hairdresser might see with a melanoma lesion. A small resource photo with the “ABCDE’s” of melanoma is also provided.  No one expects your hairstylist to diagnose melanoma!! The goal simply is for the hairdresser to tell the client that they have noticed something on their scalp that may be “different from usual” and they might want to have their doctor take a look at.  They can also offer to take a picture of the skin lesion in case it is on the back of the head where the client can’t see it.  The hairdresser would simply share the photo with the client to take it from there.

When the hairstylist finishes the class,
they print out their certificate and post a picture of themselves holding it on our Facebook or Instagram pages.  Instagram:  hairstylist_melanoma_challenge   then post your picture with #HairstylistMelanomaChallenge . 
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/pg/cancernursesandhairdressersunite

After posting a picture, ask them to challenge other stylists, cosmetologists, estheticians, to do the same!  Challenge other salons!!!  ONS members challenge other ONS members in other chapters to tell THEIR hairstylists!!!  Hero Hospital AdventHealth Daytona Beach challenge other hospitals to follow your lead!!!

Our First Challengers:
Kristina Wilson of Skin Deep Day Spa in Westbrook, Maine      www.skindeepfalmouth.com

Lisa Lowe Gaddis of Beautiful Hair Color Studio in Port Orange, Florida